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IC Contact 。

❝ Alias Investigations. Jessica Jones. Hi. ❞
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voice; sept 1?

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Hey, Jessica. It's Matt Murdock. I'm, uh, not sure if anybody told you I'm here, but I'm sorry it's taken me so long to track you down regardless. Call me back when you get a chance, please. I'm sure we've got a fair amount of catching up to do.
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[ If she does, Matt at least has the decorum not to comment on it. Although he does, momentarily, feel guilty for not contacting her earlier. ]

Jessica, hi.

[ This is the awkward part, the part where Matt's not sure what she does or doesn't know, and has to carefully decide what to say. ]

How are you holding up?
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I'm not sure. If you find someone, let me know. I'll take the case pro bono.

[ Matt's not even going to comment on her awkwardness. It's Jessica. It's happens. It's what he expected. (He won't say that either.) ]

But I've been here for months now. Since February, in this universe, and I'm still trying to suss out all the details. It might be awhile until I could get that going for you.
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[ The silence on the other end of the line might be telling, before he picks back up as casually as he can: ]

That was during your thing with Jameson and Spider-Woman, wasn't it? While you were looking for Mattie Franklin?

[ He wouldn't remember that name so well if Peter hadn't just brought her up, but that's probably not what it sounds like. ]
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[ He could have played that better. ]

I wasn't entirely sure what kind of thing it was. I don't remember us ever talking about it again.
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I think that would be a good idea.

[ Whatever this conversation turns into, better to have it in person. ]

You can come by my office, if you want. Or we can get coffee.
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Well, I had a probationary position with a firm when they brought me here, yes. With an office. But I walked out on them to open my own.
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Well that's just an insult.

[ He remembers her cop feelings very clearly. ]

Kate Bishop took your old job, but if you give me a month, I can see about coming up with something. You're not obligated to stay with the job they give you, by the way.